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We Eliminate the Guesswork for both Candidates and Employers

Employees and business owners alike can all agree on one thing: Finding the perfect match can be difficult. Hiring managers are forced to sift through applications filled with potential hires who lack experience, are inflexible, or simply don’t fit. Likewise, those on the job hunt may send dozens of applications only to have them rejected or overlooked entirely.

At Financial Placements, we eliminate the guesswork for both candidates and employers. We collect resumes from experienced financial professionals and carefully screen them for skills, history, and career goals. Then, we analyze the specific needs of our employer clients and pair perfect matches. Both parties waste less time and see much greater results.

Experience Matters

Our founder, Dennis Russell, has been building relationships between professionals and businesses for more than 25 years. His hardworking, common-sense approach and passion for executive recruiting are renowned for finding high-quality candidates in record time. Companies aren’t just looking for fill headcount; dedicated managers are looking for team playerspeople with the drive and expertise necessary to produce the desired results.

Better experience also means better connections. We’re a member of the prestigious NPAworldwide Recruitment Network, which allows us to partner with like-minded, independent recruiters to extend our reach across all aspects of the global financial industry. The NPAworldwide comprises hundreds of recruitment firms specializing in a variety of business segments. NPAworldwide recently merged with NBN, Inc., another of the world’s largest financial recruiting services. This association lets us offer clients large-scale resources without compromising personal service. When you work with Financial Placements for that critical hire, you are tapping into a large, worldwide network of professional recruiters.

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What our clients say

Dennis was fantastic. He understood my strengths and found a great position for me which would use my wealth of experience and expertise. He provided wonderful advise and was extremely supportive. I would highly recommend working with him as I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.- Dana Cohen-Jaffe/VP Cash Management Sales and Support at Nordea
I had the pleasure of working with Dennis on two levels. He recently recruited me for a position, and is also assist me with placing a candidate that recently relocated to Orlando FL. Dennis is very knowledgeable in his industry, professional and prompt in responding. I am happy to recommend Dennis to any employer!- Shelly Verbos
Dennis is a logical, hard working, relentless executive recruiter. He does not stop until he finds the right candidate and his client or partner is happy. I partnered with Dennis on a high level financial position (VP Finance) recently . Dennis not only delivered a quality candidate that interviewed well. He delivered her quickly and with a positive mindset to ready to...- Marc GranetPres/IDC Retained Executive Search / Energy Only

Feeling Puzzled?

Whether you’re an established global financial institution or a community bank, you can depend on us for personal attention and incredible results. Don’t put your personal or company growth on hold any longer – let us put our years of networking and digital technology to work for you. Our experience and industry knowledge will solve your recruitment puzzle.

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One thing is true for all businesses, no matter the industry: The quality of the workers you hire determines your chance of success. Less-than-ideal employees (especially those dedicated to financial services) can lead to all sorts of issues – from lower profit margins to customer service complaints.

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At Financial Placements, our passion is helping connect financial services professionals with companies in need of their specific skills. If you are as passionate about your work as we are about ours, let us help you fulfill your career desires and full potential. Even if you aren’t actively looking…

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