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About Financial Placements

How We Do It

Financial Placements is all about finding the most highly qualified candidate in the shortest possible time window. How do we manage to do so? The secret to our success isn’t really a secret at all: It’s a marriage of hard work and common sense. Instead of overloading employers with resumes, we carefully screen each candidate’s career goals, experience, and strengths to make sure they match the company’s specific needs and goals. Our extensive attention to detail has proven itself again and again. In fact, our employee turnover rate is less than 1%.

Our Network

A key part of matching employees and businesses is our access to a powerful, sophisticated affiliate network of professional recruiters. We’re a member of the prestigious NPAworldwide Recruitment Network, who recently merged with The National Banking Network, Inc. (NBN), operators of the Accounting Career Network (ACN) and the Banking & Financial Services Career Network, or BFSN. This association is the largest and oldest independently owned recruiting firm, and they have connections to experts from all corners of the financial industry. In fact, the BFSN alone includes more than 80 independent member firms. Our connection gives us incredible reach in the banking world.

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  • Speed. The ability to quickly fill critical roles reflects positively on you and your ability to achieve company goals. Each member agency has the support of a 400-firm network when searching for the perfect candidate.
  • Global reach. There are members on six continents, offering clients access to candidates and knowledge of local conditions anywhere in the world. It’s a local connection that gives you global reach.
  • Passive candidates. Sometimes the best candidates for a position are employed and are not on the boards. NPAworldwide firms can tap into a large pool of passive candidates cultivated by more than 400 firms and 1400 recruiters on six continents.
  • Multiple firms working together. The cooperative spirit of a member-owned network means you pay for one firm’s service but are leveraging the knowledge of the entire network.
  • A specialty focus. NPAworldwide recruiters specialize in many different industries. Employers benefit from a network of recruitment agencies who are uniquely qualified to find the best candidates in the shortest period of time for their industry-specific positions.

What our clients say

Dennis was fantastic. He understood my strengths and found a great position for me which would use my wealth of experience and expertise. He provided wonderful advise and was extremely supportive. I would highly recommend working with him as I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.- Dana Cohen-Jaffe/VP Cash Management Sales and Support at Nordea
I had the pleasure of working with Dennis on two levels. He recently recruited me for a position, and is also assist me with placing a candidate that recently relocated to Orlando FL. Dennis is very knowledgeable in his industry, professional and prompt in responding. I am happy to recommend Dennis to any employer!- Shelly Verbos
Dennis is a logical, hard working, relentless executive recruiter. He does not stop until he finds the right candidate and his client or partner is happy. I partnered with Dennis on a high level financial position (VP Finance) recently . Dennis not only delivered a quality candidate that interviewed well. He delivered her quickly and with a positive mindset to ready to...- Marc GranetPres/IDC Retained Executive Search / Energy Only
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