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Job Posting Mistakes You Might Have Made
Feb 20

Job Posting Mistakes You Might Have Made

Before you can optimize your top talent, you have to get them on your team. This isn’t always easy. If you’ve ever hired someone, you know how tiring it is to review resumes that don’t match your needs. Despite your best efforts, you might be making some simple job posting mistakes that could be responsible for this poor response. Steer clear of these job-posting faux pas.

Forgetting the Basics

Sometimes it’s easy to focus so closely on the content of the job posting that you forget to state important elements of the job. Every ad should include:

  • Job title
  • Objectives
  • Responsibilities
  • Specific tasks
  • Skills and other qualifications
  • Contact information

Terrible Titles

One huge mistake employers make is trying too hard to stand out with the job title. Ideally, titles are not the place to be creative. You could miss possible search hits and draw the wrong kind of attention with unconventional headings. The most professional employees are going to look for facts and information, not attention-grabbing wording.

Skipping Salary

Money is a sensitive subject for employees and employers alike. However, it’s important to be honest with potential hires about salary and benefits. They don’t want to spend the time applying for a position that can’t support them. Likewise, you’ll probably get more passionate interviews and applications if the payment discussion is forefront and transparent.

Too Many Keywords

Keywords are important, because they help your application get gain attention. They can also feel terribly unnatural if not used properly. Don’t ever sacrifice the tone and flow of your posting just to add more keywords. Bright minds will notice this and skip to someone else.

Are you struggling to put all these together in an effective posting? Reach out to us at Financial Placements. We’d love to help you create the best opening ad possible (and fill it more quickly than ever)!