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Six Reasons Employees Leave their Jobs
Jan 18

Six Reasons Employees Leave their Jobs

No job is perfect, but some positions are downright unbearable. Even the best, most-dedicated employees are likely to leave if you’re making some of these mistakes. Here are the things you need to avoid if you want the best talent to stay on your team.

  1. Overworking Employees: Companies are putting more and more weight on their employees’ shoulders these days. Many businesses believe they’ll be able to save money by giving greater responsibility to fewer team members, but in truth, this practice can have the opposite effect. Overworked employees are unhappy, inefficient, and likely just waiting for a time to go elsewhere.
  2. Micromanaging Worker: It’s a good idea for owners and managers to be aware of what’s going on in their company. It’s not a good idea, on the other hand, for them to be constantly breathing down their employees’ necks. Overbearing managerial styles can be imposing and often make team members uncomfortable.
  3. Under-Managing Employees: Micromanaging is bad, but you don’t want to be completely absent either. You need to be familiar and supportive enough to encourage maximum efficiency. It’s hard to be passionate about a company if you don’t know the management or owner. Getting involved reflects a willingness to take a hands-on approach with your company’s workflow and encourages team atmosphere.
  4. Letting Efforts Go Unrecognized: There’s nothing worse than watching your hard work go unrecognized. Feeling a lack opportunity for a promotion you deserve can be deflating. Employees benefit from affirmations based on their effort. Without it, they may feel trapped and stagnant, and start looking for advancement elsewhere.
  5. Not Providing Fulfilling Goals: The best employees are looking for more than just promotions. They’re also searching for fulfillment. If your company seems to be sitting on its hands with no plans for the future, the best and brightest are going to skip out.
  6. Not Meeting With or Motivating Workers: Your team needs to be able to work together. To do that, they have to be on the same page. If you’re not meeting with them and keeping them informed and motivated, they’re going to lose interest.

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